The last few decades has seen India taking phenomenal strides in its relentless march towards infrastructural self-reliance. With Indian industry standing tall, one cannot but extol the contribution that copper has made to every facet of industrial growth. Copper makes its indelible presence felt all around – be it heavy industry or consumer appliances. Yes, copper is the lifeline of a progressive nation. This vision of the potential of copper in the contribution to the overall progress of a nation, prompted a young and ambitious entrepreneur to take all-important foray into manufacture of copper wires.

A sophisticated manufacturing and testing facility was setup in 1988 at Vasai (Mumbai), a fast developing, industrial belt on the outskirts of Mumbai. Since it’s incorporation our plant has been successfully manufacturing consistent good quality Enameled Copper Wires under stringent conditions of quality control. Our products find their way in appliances ranging from transformers, motors and alternators in the heavy manufacturing segment to domestic kitchen appliances and a host of electric and electronic appliances that have made life more pleasurable within the domestic domain.

The vision of our CEO to set his corporate goal of excellence in quality at a competitive price, and pursue it zealously, has led to the pre-eminence of Shivam Wires in the industry.

Indeed, we go by our motto of being

With an excellent combination of advanced Machinery, Manpower & Materials Shivam Wire Industries is all set to meet the complete requirements of Electrical and Electronic Industries, with best quality of wire comparable to any reputed product.

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